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Production time for most pieces is roughly 3-4 weeks.  All invoicing is completed via PayPal.  Shipping to the U.S. included.  

Please get your finger sized for a wide band by a professional jeweler.  I am not responsible for inaccurate sizing information.  I make each piece custom fit to the finger size you provide me.

The King

This jawless skull ring is my contribution to a small, but elite group of sculptors and skullsmiths offering classic custom work.  This ring, like all of my skulls, is solid-backed and comfortable.  Every master skull smith has a signature piece and this jawless companion to the Jupiter is one of my finest.


The Jupiter

I've designed this to be the lord of all skull rings -- the definitive full skull ring. Not only is it massive, it's totally solid, well balanced, and comfortable. On most people, it covers the entire first knuckle. Primarily designed for those with big hands, it can be adjusted to fit smaller sizes OR upsized to fit over riding gloves.


The Gentleman

This is a ring inspired by my multiple trips to Memphis - visiting Graceland, walking around Beale Street, and researching trends from an era when men wore large gemstone rings.  This modern take is for men and women who want to wear a piece of custom art that just walks the line between business-appropriate and rockstar dangerous.


The Leonids

This rectangular-cut turquoise ring is an elevated version of what you'd find out in the Southwest.  Featuring a carved skull on either side and available with either my Kingman mine turquoise or polished black onyx, this piece is bold, beautiful, and satisfies a gaping whole in the jewelry market - a high quality, solid-backed, western-style turquoise ring.


The Tiki

A very difficult ring to make, my Tiki ring is the definitive piece in the genre.  You will not find a better-made or more comfortable tiki-style ring.  There are knockoffs of this piece all over the web, but this is the original MT Maloney Tiki ring available in solid sterling silver or gold.   I can also include a gemstone and custom text around the crown.



The Big Voodoo, the Little Voodoo.....the Voodoo series is a specific style of custom skull ring with a raw, hand-carved aesthetic.  Gemstones are a must and crazy designs, tricked out teeth, and an unmistakeable Voodoo look define this classic line of MT Maloney rings.  I've been making these for years and I'm happy to re-introduce them to the shop.  Check out this gallery to see the custom possibilities.  

$250 - $850

The Torque

Squeeze it on, pinch it closed, and you never have to take it off.  This large men's torque bracelet is solid and unlike many imitations, it is cast as one piece with big 13mm silver balls capping off an 8mm diameter cuff. Fits most wrists and is adjustable.  As much a piece of armor as a classic piece of jewelry, it's heavy, comfortable, and satisfying to wear.


The Gotham

This piece is wearable sculpture.  Thick and satisfying hand-carved links culminate in a highly-detailed catch featuring lips and teeth.  I am able to make this in a standard bracelet size or a longer necklace.  This piece takes a lot of time and I only make 1 to 2 each year.  It pairs well with a King Skull or Jupiter.


Full Custom

A few times a year, I will accept a commission for a full-custom piece - not built on an existing rough frame - created entirely from a fresh block of wax.  These pieces take longer for me to make, obviously, but the results can be spectacular.  Serious inquiries only, please.

Varies (note - most pieces fall between $800 and $3000.)

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