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For centuries, the skull ring has been a symbol of humanism and mankind's ability to think, to reason, to rebel.  It is a reminder of our mortality, of how fleeting and insignificant our worldly problems are.  How underneath it all, we are all the same.​  This is an heirloom uniquely paired to the wearer. The skull ring comes from a fine tradition of wearable sculpture and I'm proud to offer some of the absolute best.  

I have been making skulls and other custom jewelry pieces for years.  While I used to make these works for anyone who wanted to purchase them, I now only make a few of these each year.  I look at doing a custom piece of jewelry like doing a tattoo. It should be extremely personal.  I don't keep an inventory.  Each ring is made to order and personalized for fit and overall design. ​


If you are interested in having a piece made, please visit my shop where you can find examples of my skull and gemstone rings. 

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