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My name is Matt Maloney and I live and work outside of Atlanta, GA.  I'm a multi-media artist, world traveler, and jeweler who has been crafting traditional skull rings for over ten years.

Why Skull Rings?  It is a symbol of humanism and mankind's ability to think, to reason, to rebel.  It is a reminder of our mortality, of how fleeting and insignificant our worldly problems are.  How underneath it all, we are all the same.

I look at doing a custom piece of jewelry like doing a tattoo. It should be extremely personal.  This is an heirloom uniquely paired to the wearer.  The skull ring comes from a fine tradition of wearable sculpture and I'm proud to offer some of the absolute best.  

Use the contact form below or send me an email with your ideas and we will explore a collaboration.    I keep no inventory.  All of my work is bespoke and created in solid sterling silver - made right here in the USA.

MT Maloney

Master Skullsmith

For questions or commissions

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